Patent Attorneys Helps Patenting Your Ideas

Apart from protecting your invention from others, the patent attorney help you to prepare documents which are required for filing your idea or invention with the patent office. This is also an important task as the documents should be prepared with great care and there should not be any error or mistake. But for this, the patent attorney should have excellent patent writing skill. This is because of the fact that sometimes, even a single mistake in the patent may result in your patent being rejected by the patent office.

A patent is an exclusive right approved by a government to an inventor to manufacture, sell or use an invention. Filing a patent without the professional patent lawyer or patenting agency, such as InventHelp, assistance is an overwhelming task. So it is vital to approach a reputable, qualified and experienced attorney that can guide you throughout the process of registration.

An attorney is an important person that makes your process easier as they know all the technical and legal know how of filing a patent. With the online search over the internet, you can find numerous intellectual property law firms and patenting agencies, like InventHelp, that work in the procedures of utility model, patent, design, and trademark applications.

These professionals have expertise in a variety of jurisdictions thus represent their clients in matters relating to the right to unfair competition and the procedures related to arbitration or resolution related to Intellectual Property issues, the import of infringing articles. All these have passed a special exam that can represent clients in infringement lawsuits. Moreover, they aspire to create and encourage dreams and goals among IP staff, future vision and developing self-esteem.

Patent Specifications

The product has to function properly. This refers to how a product will perform a certain action or function. If the product is supposed to perform or function in a certain way, it must function in the way the inventor has claimed. The product or process must be new. It can’t be copied or based on someone else’s invention or process. There can be a similarity, but it has to be unique.

The product or process cannot hold a previous legal patent in the U.S. Additionally, it cannot be printed and described in published material. If information is published by the inventor about the product or process, a patent has to be filed within a year of that publication. If the inventor fails to file for a patent within a year, the rights to that product or process will not be protected as described in article.

The product or process cannot be simple in thought or suggestion. In essence, this should be an actual product or process. The inventor has to provide detailed descriptions of how it is to be used. The product or process cannot be of one of the laws of nature, a naturally occurring phenomenon or an abstract idea. Under these circumstances, a patent will not be issued.

There are several steps to obtaining a patent:

At the start, you need to keep a thorough record of your invention, including how you came up with the idea, all the changes, and dated signatures. You must then know whether the invention or product is qualified for patent protection; that is, is the product / invention really new? You have to evaluate the commercial potential of your product against the current market. Only after this time is the patent search (and the US patent search for the international patents in the patent database).

Once you have discovered your invention as original, you are ready to file a patent. Throughout the patenting process, it may be wise to hire a patent attorney or patent agency, such as InventHelp, to help you decide on patents. The Registered Patent Attorney can in detail describe the steps to obtain a patent. Also online web sites about intellectual property are also a good source for understanding how to get a patent.

Although the Patent and Trademark Office is participating in the patent filing process, the patent attorney or patent agent works with the complexity of patent law to ensure that his client does not come into the third-party patent infringement situation. Patent infringement can cause expensive litigation; however, an experienced patent attorney should be experienced in US government patents.

Costs of Patenting Your Idea

Are you from those people who always see new ideas or products and say” I thought of that idea years ago!”? Well, when you thought of the idea – what did you do about it? I guess you thought of getting a patent, but didn’t get around to doing anything about it. This happens to most of us. We all think of great ideas here and there, but we know we’re not going to do anything with them. We don’t have time, money or the ability to carry them out, and the ideas get lost and the world lost out on some great idea.

You might say – someone will think of this idea any one sooner or later. Well, someone might not. And even if so, it might take years.

While many people have thought at some point or another that patenting what seems to be a great idea would be a wise move, it is likely few have paused to consider the cost involved in such a move. As well as the cost of the patent itself (very expensive, depending on the country in which the patent is applied for in), there are also the costs of lawyers and perhaps even professional patenting agency, such as InventHelp, to consider.

To file a patent the description of the patentable object must be professional, and many inventors have to hire a professional writer to accurately describe their invention. Likewise, if a detailed sketch is required, it must be drawn to precise specifications, and it is likely there will be further costs involved in this.

To sum it all up, the major costs in patenting an idea are quite simple. You need creativity to create something that can be patented, to have the time and energy to test your idea and bring it to life, and then to have the money and resources to bring your idea to the world, and get it patented, so that nobody else can ever copy your idea as explained in Is the effort worth it? I would say, invent something, and find out.

How to Create Better Opportunities for Inventors

A lot of inventors have started making their presence felt all over the world in different fields of science and academic excellence. But the final touch of perseverance and resilience is needed in order to make sure that better avenues and opportunities for inventors are created so that they can leave their footprints on the sands of time. There are certain tips which can be employed in order to ensure that better opportunities for inventors are being made available. These tips and pieces of advice have been made available from inventors who have been successful in the past. They will help all future women inventors to proceed in the right direction towards success.

All inventors should make sure that they have understood all the aspects and innermost details regarding the development of products, patents and methods which need to be employed in order to market their inventions. The services of a patent agency, like InventHelp, or a patent practitioner can be employed in order to ensure that the application for the patent has been prepared in the right manner.

But all the inventors should also have a basic awareness regarding the steps and procedures which need to be followed in order to get their patent approved by the authorities. It is always better for all inventors to search for the existence of patents of products similar to theirs before they put in their application for the patent. This will ensure that they do not waste any time applying for a patent for any product which has already been patented by someone else. They can try to create products which have not been created already and in this manner they can explore new areas of study which have been left untouched before since these will contain room for more opportunities.

The degree of usefulness of the product which is being invented should also be understood before applying for a patent. They can also look for new ways in which the product which they have invented will be useful to people all around them. This will ensure room for a large amount of opportunity as well as creativity.

A lot of inventors make the decision of using the services of an invention submission company, like InventHelp. These companies charge amounts in terms of fees and other charges and the services provided by them do match up to the fees which are being charged. They do employ the best methods in order to market the inventions given to them in the right manner. Patent searchers and patent practitioners are people who are professional people who can be relied upon for the best quality of services in this field.

All inventors should ensure that they have a record of all the details of their invention. This will help them in making any kind of changes or alterations to their product at their own convenience. They can also take other advice from other who have created their inventions in order to understand the pitfalls which they are likely to encounter and how they can be circumvented.

How To Sell Your House Fast

A lot of people are starting to ask the question – How can someone sell a house really fast? This is definitely one of the questions most people are asking nowadays. Given the state of the current economic climate, many homeowners are occasionally concerned about the likelihood of selling their homes for a realistic price. Nevertheless, even with the downturn in this economy it is still possible to sell a house and get a good price. Prior to searching for a way how to sell your house fast, it is best to review some basic guidelines and think about how these can withstand the effects of the current economic climate. So, let’s see how to sell a house in Calgary fast(find out more here:

Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind when selling a property:

Realtors: To be honest, selling a home isn’t an easy task even during the best market conditions. In order to avoid mix ups or any kind law suits, it is best to get advice from a professional realtor. This way you will know about the risks involved; local market conditions and any important details that will help you to sell fast.

Honesty: Nowadays, individuals are becoming a bit anxious when it comes to supposition. As a result when you are honest, this will help you to sell your house quickly. Whatever you say to potential buyers with regards to your house can impact the issue of effort, money and energy afterwards during the negotiating stage.

Confidentiality: Sometimes even during the most advantageous circumstances, selling a house in Calgary will need you to hammer out a deal. Even though lying is not acceptable, it is also wise to keep unrelated matters from the negotiation table. As an example, your reasons behind selling the property, particularly if you are eager to sell, could be utilized by the purchasers to negotiate for a lower price. Therefore when the details are not contractually or legally required, it might be best if you keep this information from the buyers.

Disclosure: In spite of your rights to keep your actual reasons for selling your house confidential, you need to be straight up with regards to legal documents and appraisal value. While this is not always a very easy thing to do, this could certainly lessen any possible anxiety that the buyer might be feeling. Additionally, this will be an excellent way to avoid a lawsuit in the event that things get sour down the road.

Networking and Marketing: When you are selling a property in Calgary it is best to use the internet to find even more potential buyers. While you could sell your home quickly with the help of newspaper ads and various other traditional forms of advertising, the internet is essentially the most effective marketing tool and more importantly it could help to make your negotiations run without problems.

Press Release for Online Businesses

A press release discusses important features about the products and services that a business offers. In addition to this, it gives a boost to your company’s credibility. People are more inclined to trust a product after reading one that talks about its benefits.

What’s more, this kind of marketing helps webmasters to add additional content to their sites. This is a great advantage for an online business because it helps spread out the message to a wider range of market. Just like articles, a press release contains the links to the advertiser’s website to help people find the site more easily.

Since search engines can pick them out easily, distributing it in the web will help in the business’ popularity. Because a press release contains one-way links, it adds up to the credibility of the website.

As an internet marketer, you should definitely explore distributing it. A press release actually costs much less than paying for traditional advertisements. Usually, you only have to pay a few selected websites to distribute your article on your behalf. You can find the best press release distribution services I used before offered by the top companies following the link.

Distributing Press Releases

After creating one, consider carefully where you want to distribute them. Always target websites or blogs with content that are relevant to your business. This way, you can be assured that the audience who will read your press release will have a genuine interest on your products or services.

You may e-mail selected webmasters to notify them about your press release. You may also ask for referrals for other webmasters with a relevant concept. This will help you gather your list of appropriate webmasters who can post your press release. Your opt-in email list will also help you in distributing updates for future releases.

How can you make an effective press release? Always remember that it should highlight the benefits of your products or services. People are always interested to know what advantage they can get out of a product. They want to know what’s in it for them, why they should try it, why it would make a difference in their lives. Always consider the mindset of your prospective customers and stress on the benefits or advantages.

However, see to it that you can live up to your promises. Don’t try to create hype by giving false information to your readers. Remember, once they buy your products and found that it is not all as what is promised in your promotions, you could lose these customers for good.

How Online Press Releases Work

Once a release has been accepted it will be prominently displayed on each of the PR sites for a period of time allowing it to be easily found by interested industry writers, journalists and general readers, as well as being picked up by the Google and Yahoo! News services.

The PR will also be emailed to journalists, receive social bookmarking, and will be distributed online via automatic programs and RSS feeds which will spread the release across the internet by depositing either complete copies of the original release or simply displaying the PR title and summary along with a link to the full release version.

These will appear on countless websites, second generation and affiliated PR sites, and via RSS aggregators along the way. The potential reach of an online PR can be unlimited.

One of the biggest parts of any SEO campaign is to develop links to a site. Search engines view links to a site in a similar way to votes; the more votes your site has from elsewhere on the internet the more important it is in the eyes of a search engine.

But not all votes are equal. A link to your site from a top performing page on the BBC website is weighted much more significantly than a link from Joe Doe’s personal blog.

Whilst it is not always possible to get links from the BBC every day, many press release sites can proliferate a release widely across the web as well as attracting a considerable amount of traffic which the likes of Google and Yahoo! rate as significant in their weighting of a site’s importance. However choosing some of the top 10 best press release distribution services to do your press release, you will see greatest results.

This means that if all releases contain correctly formatted links back to your site then the importance of the site will increase in the eyes of search engines.

Furthermore, this growth is exponential over time; following their initial submission, the releases will continue for some time to get picked up by other websites which will also link back to your site, creating a snowball effect.

In general, the higher the number of backlinks generated over time, the better equipped your company site will be to perform well in the search engine indices.

Adding links in your releases, to the most appropriate pages of your company website alongside suitable keyword anchor text, is a vital part of press release optimization, and PR proliferation is a great opportunity for quality link building.

Using suitable keywords and keyphrases is important to help highlight your release, promoting the content to spiders as a significant piece of relevant news and helping search engine users and spiders find the content they are looking for; the content your company wants to promote.

Search spiders constantly look for the most appropriate category in which to classify and index any content they find.

Tips To Improve Your Press Releases

Writing press releases have been an old marketing method used by businesses since the early days. Despite the emergence of online marketing tools, the effectiveness of press releases cannot be underestimated. In fact, many consumers still prefer to pay attention on press releases rather than marketing copies that are full of hype. Press releases are still regarded as credible source of information.

If you have products or services to sell, you should definitely take advantage of creating a press release to promote your business. Here are the top 10 tips that will help you improve your press release:

Make it newsworthy. An effective press release is not just all about advertising. The purpose of a press release is to inform the public and to state facts.

Make it straight to the point. A press release doesn’t necessarily have to be long article. People will appreciate it more if the message is clearly presented in a short, clear, and straight to the point manner. Too much sentences without relevance can just result to confusion. Doing this will only mislead the client.

Work on an effective lead. Your lead or the first sentence in your press release will determine whether your audience will continue reading the material or not. Give more time in creating a lead that is meaningful and will arouse your reader’s interest and curiosity.

Use bulleted lists to stress your point. A bulleted list that highlights important ideas in your press release will be very helpful. Readers can easily scan it and understand your point right away.

Relate a real experience. People are always interested to hear another person’s account. Just make sure that your stories and real. Don’t make up stories just to make your press release interesting.

Raise an argument. Another great way to capture your audience’s interest is to raise a question or a problem. Take this opportunity to present how your company can provide the solution to the problem.

Present testimonials. Presenting real people who have tried your products and services can make a big impact in your press releases. People can relate to other people’s problem very well and if others attest that they have benefited from a certain product or service, people are also willing to try it.

Don’t make it too formal. Write in a professional manner but that doesn’t mean you have to use a very formal tone. A more personal approach in writing your press release will generate more response from your audience. Avoid using metaphors or too complicated words in your sentences. Avoid jargons, acronyms and abbreviations. Instead, use everyday words that people can easily understand.

Include quotes. A quote from a credible source is effective in summarizing a point discusses in a paragraph. It gives your readers an initial introduction to the content that follows after the quoted words.

Work on your closing statement. Be sure to compose a closing statement that will retain to your audience’s minds. Think of something that would leave an impact in their minds.

These are some basic tips on writing a good press release, however if you want to have the biggest impact it would be wise to hire one of the top 10 pr companies offer best press release distribution services, because these companies are established, you know what to expect and they deliver quality.

Patent Searching is Best Left to the Professionals

Did you know that national patent offices require the passage of a difficult test to become registered to practice before them? “Practice” means to be legally able to file patent applications and respond to office actions; in other words, to become a patent advocate for an inventor. In fact, to even sit for the patent examination a person must have a technical university degree in engineering or the sciences. Patent Search Investigators uses only degreed engineers who are registered to practice before a national patent office to conducts its searches. Patent searches are best left to the professionals.

A United States patent has a term that lasts 20 years from the non-provisional filing date as long as the patent maintenance fees are paid along the way (or the patent is not disclaimed, has all of its claims cancelled in reexamination or by a federal court, or the term is extended). This 20 year period can be extended if certain delays were caused by the Patent Office during prosecution of the patent.

To conduct a patent owner search (also termed a patent assignee search), a patent search company, such as InventHelp, must be able to key in on the inventors and assignees listed on the front of the patents they find. The first and last name of each inventor are listed along with the city and country where they resided at the time the patent was applied for. As we mentioned, the first named inventor is listed at the very top of the patent. It is very beneficial for companies to search on key inventors in a particular technology area when conducting due diligence. Often a key inventor can unlock a door to a string of patents that are important in a particular area.

In order to conduct a proper patent search, a patent search services company has to be familiar with the nuances of the patents found. A patent’s cover page can often be confusing to those searching patents for the first time.

Patent searching is difficult. Sure, anyone can plug a few search terms into an online patent search engine and a group of patents will pop up. But it takes skill, craftsmanship, experience and a bit of artistry to locate the most relevant patents in a patent search, so it would be wise to hire a professional patent agency, such as InventHelp, to do the research for you. Why is this? Well, there a number of reasons that include different terms used for identical parts in different patents (you say “fitting”, I say “connector”, Bob calls it a “coupling”), the drawings of a patent are sometimes cryptic (they are not standard engineering drawings), and the most relevant patent may be in another country (patents in other countries are just as important in determining if a patent is patentable as in any other country).

Why You Need a Patent Novelty Search

In general, your invention must meet the standard of being new, useful and non-obvious. When an application for patent registration is submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a Patent Examiner will study the application and research prior art to see if, in addition to technical requirements, it is new, useful and non-obvious.

The useful and non-obvious requirements will usually be left to the Patent Examiner, or a competent registered patent attorney, but before submitting the application for registration must be investigate the newness of your invention.

The law governing the grant of patents requires that the invention cannot have been either published or “on-sale” in the United States prior to submission of the application for registration of the invention. So what does this really mean? Well, it means that if someone else had published an article or some other publicly available document that described your invention prior to the date of your application, you may not be able to get a patent for your invention. Likewise, if your invention was at some time prior to your application date, available for sale in the United States, then this also prevents you from getting a patent as you can read on this article as well.

As you are probably aware, when a person is issued a patent, the issued patent document is formally published to the public.This patent publication counts as prior art. Thus, in order to determine if your invention was already present in the prior art, must be conduct a patent novelty search to see if can find either the invention or something very close to it in the prior art.

Such a search of existing patent and published applications is called a patent novelty search because it is seeking to find the prior art publications that are either the same or closely similar to your invention. If they can’t find anything, or what they find is not similar to your invention, then they conclude that your invention is potentially new or “novel”.

Naturally, if they find your invention or something closely similar to it in the prior art, then it is time to go back to the inventive process to re-think the invention with the knowledge of what exists in the prior art. Based on what is found or not found in the prior art patent novelty search, if you now want to go forward with an application for registration of your invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, they then disclose the pertinent results of the search as a part of the application so the Patent Examiner can start with those results in conducting his/her search.

A final point with regards the search. As you should be aware, all patent applications submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office are kept in strict confidence until such time as the patent is issued or it is time for the application to be published. This means that any search of prior art is missing the pending applications for registration before the Patent Office. This can be significant as it can take two years for an application to become an issued patent.

In conclusion, for all of these reasons, you will want to conduct a patent novelty search before submitting your application to register your invention. There are patent agencies like InventHelp, that can help you in this step. If you don’t do a patent novelty search before submitting your application, you run the risk of continuing to invest emotional and financial capital in your invention only to find out a year later after the Patent Examiner does his/her search that you are not entitled to get a patent.